building an atmosphere of trust

Code of Conduct

The libUJO project has - like other open source projects – the idea of collaboration and improvement by a community. Due to this purpose the maintainers and contributors of the libUJO project pledge a professional and respectful behavior in any kind of communication.

The libUJO project welcomes any kind of diversity. We believe that diversity will improve our project and ourselves.

For the libUJO project tolerance and interest in different points of view is a mutual mind set. We are open minded to other opinions and like to discuss on them in a friendly and courteously way.

In the libUJO project community we are all the same. I am okay – you are okay: that is the mind set for a solid relationship, where everyone is encouraged to be an active part of the community. We will track any kind of harassment consequently to preserve our idea of a solid relationship.

In the libUJO project learning and sharing is part of the daily work. Knowledge is our community value and we all profit from this. Questions are always welcome!

In the libUJO project failures are part of the process of improvement. We talk about failures without blaming anyone for them. We believe that failures are not only inevitable, they are important steps on the way to a better solution.

In the libUJO project we say Thank You to anyone being part of the community!

If you get aware people behaving against this code of conduct, please contact the maintainers and send an email to

Thank you very much for taking time to read these very important guidelines in order to build up an atmosphere of trust!